5 Fun And Cheerfull Ways To Add Orange To The Modern Nursery

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5 Fun And Cheerfull Ways To Add Orange To The Modern Nursery

Modern nursery that is comfortably occupied by the baby, of course can not be separated from the design of space. Especially in determining the color that will coat each element. Orange, being the most appropriate color choice for designing your child’s room becomes more cheerful and comfortable. Because, that color impresses the joy and bright color that are beautiful and can be combined with other colors. Moreover, this color is not only for wall paint. However, it can be used in other ornaments. So that can design your baby’s room with a nice orange color, it is necessary to read our tips below regarding the orange modern nursery design.


modern nursery
modern nursery


  1. Orange Inspiration As The Main Color In The Room

If you want to create a room that is truly eye-catching, you can maximize the use of orange in the room. You can use this color as wall paint for the entire area, plus some similar colored furniture. If you decide to use this method, you don’t have to bother adding other decorations because the orange color is more than enough.

  1. Curtains Orange

Want to enjoy the color orange in a home that is flexible and not permanent? Try using orange curtains. Mix and match these bright colored curtains with neutral colors like white, black and gray. In addition to making the room look more cheerful, this color will also welcome anyone with full warmth. You can use plain orange curtains, or for a more interesting touch, use orange curtains with motifs and patterns that you like.

  1. Minimalist Children’s Bedroom with Right Lighting

It is no longer the age to use lights placed above the room to illuminate the entire room. Use spotlights to illuminate every corner of a minimalist child’s bedroom at home. The right lighting is very important for the feel of the room.

  1. Minimalist Children’s Bedroom With Hanging Toy Cabinet

For small toys, you can use a basket to hang or put in a closed cabinet so that the room always looks neat. Also complete with a chandelier to brighten up the atmosphere.



  1. Minimalist Children’s Bedroom With Two Color Combination

Orange and white are the perfect color matching. Not that you can’t do the same thing! Room design is more slick and attractive when viewed. If this minimalist child’s bedroom will be occupied by two people, use a cabinet divider between the beds to put the child’s personal belongings. Take advantage of the blank side on the top of the bed for the bracket to display photos or your child’s favorite items.

  1. Minimalist Children’s Bedroom With Painting The Wall

In order to look wider and more creative, paint one side of the bedroom with a wall mural. Indirectly, this will stimulate their creativity. Give an opportunity for them to give the picture ideas what they want.

  1. Minimalist Children’s Bedroom With Children’s Favorite Accessories

Children love football? Or like the character of Barbie? It is not impossible to insert a design with things that smell something that children love! Make this happen with cheerful colorful decorations according to your child’s favorite character.

  1. Orange Inspiration For Bedroom Decor

The easiest trick to make the atmosphere of the room more cheerful using orange is to apply it to the room decoration element. Use an orange blanket or pillowcase with stripes or lines. Through the use of decorations like this, you can easily replace them with other colors as desired.



  1. Orange Wallpaper

Orange is a truly bold color. You can choose to use an orange wallpaper with conditions, only applied to one side of the wall. In this way, the wall will become an indoor focal point without looking too excessive.

  1. Orange Furniture In The Room

In a room, you can also add orange furniture. However, you don’t need to use too many units. Just one or two units like a corner table or a single sofa. The use of a limited number of furniture units in orange in color is more than enough to cheer up the whole room.

Hope it is useful in designing a child’s room. baby becomes comfortable in the bedroom. Good for studying, playing and resting.