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Design Apartment Studio


Living in apartment has its merit and demerits. Apartment is a limited place, so you can not do things freely except the basic activites. But in other way, apartment is a quite simple living space that no need to bring out efforts to take care of it. Either way, there are people who decide to live in apartment.



If you are one of the people who live in the apartment, you must be clever to organize things. If not, your living space would be like a broken ship. You must make your room stay clean and comfortable as it is your place of living.



Tips for Design Apartment Studio


These are some of the things you may consider to make your apartment tidy and organized. If you do this, it is a sure thing that you will not get tired of your apartment’s view, and you can relax more.


  1. Use Storage Unit

Many people who live in the apartments use this for their storages. If you have so many stuff that it would not fit the space you are curretnly living in, then your place is not tidy. If your apartment has its own basement or garage, then you will be fine, but what if all you have is a small and narrow apartment?



The answer is storage unit. Try to use it as many people already are investing in it. If you try harder, there are some affordable storage units that are available for you. For example, visit the to search the most match storage units for you.


  1. Divide and Conquer

It is important to divide your free space to be useful places for your stuff. By creating small zones you will be able to more effectively use your space, which will make your studio apartment feel larger than it really is.



Trick is, use furnitures as room dividers. Choose furnitures that are easily movable and light so that you could move them if you want to change your taste. For example, you can try on bookshelves, desks, couches and curtains.


  1. Right Size Furniture

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when decorating your studio apartment is to choose the wrong sized furniture. Using furniture too big or small will create an awkward and uncomfortable space to live in.

If you are living in a studio apartment with high ceilings, then, rather than small and tiny furniture, choose taller furniture with a smaller footprint, for example bookshelves. You can also fill the empty space on the floor more effectively, by placing it on eye level.



If your studio apartment is too small to separate your sleeping space, it may be wise consider for the larger bed in one place. That way, you can use it as double features, as it could be your bed and your sofa for your friends who are coming over your apartment.

Organizing things is not very appealing at first glance, as you must think harder and work your legs off. But if you are used by it, organizing are fun! Try to start the small things one by one, and before you realize it, your apartment studio would be clean, tidy and comfortable for you.