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Gardening is one of popular habits or hobbies many people do. In gardening, you could grow various interesting plants and cultivate it. There are numerous types of plants you could choose to plant. For example plants by its function or useful plants, plants by its consumable, plants by its appearance, etc.

Useful plants are plants that are useful to you regarding medicine, such as roots vegetables and herbs. Consumable plants are plants that are edible to eat, such as leaf vegetables and fruits. While plants by its appearance, are plants that planted because its beatifulness, such as flowers. Statement above are one of the biggest reasons why people do gardening.



Gardening is also considered to be an activity that relaxes people who do it. Why is it relaxing you? Because you do it on your own pace. It is different with working on company or industry where you have to accomplish certain deadlines and stuff. Gardening is unique, matching with their owner’s taste and pace.

Gardening ranges in scale from fruit orchards, to long boulevard plantings with one or more different types of shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants, to residential yards including lawns and foundation plantings, to plants in large or small containers grown inside or outside.


Kinds of Gardening


  1. Vegetable garden

Vegetable gardens have so many various kind of shapes and sizes. It is the ‘normal garden’ people usually plant. People commonly choose useful plants and mix it with flowers in one garden, called a cottage garden. Normally this garden can be found in the front of houses’ yard.



If you do not have a front yard, you can grow just about any vegetable in containers. This can be a very creative and ornamental way to design a vegetable garden. Virtually any container will do, as long as it has drainage.

Containers can be moved about to take full advantage of the sun. You can plant one type of vegetable per container or mix things up. A downside is that the soil in containers tends to dry out quickly and you may need to water every day.


  1. Flower Garden

As the title said, it is a garden that focuses only on flowers. Growing flowers have actually have its demerits, or we should say, a special challenge to take care. As you know, flowers has its own season to bloom and wither. If you live in a country that has four season, you must research up detailed about the flowers you are about to plant.

There are two types of flowers, it is growing annual flowers and perennial flowers. Annual flowers are the flowers that bloom and wither as the season would go. While perennial flowers are the flowers that bloom and wither not influenced by season, they stay strong whatever the season is.



Thing is, actually many people prefer annual flowers than perennial flowers, in terms of the changing. Annual flowers bloom profusely throughout the growing season, and they are freely self-sow and weave year after year. In short, annual flowers are more ‘independent’ as they take care of themselves.


  1. Houseplants

It is not really a popular type of garden, but it has its own charms. Houseplants is a garden with plants that are tough to grow. These plants may be considered a little high maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that keeping them alive isn’t realistic.



Oftentimes these plants are challenging because they’re outside of their natural habitat; a tropical rainforest, and the dry; forced air, found in most homes is a shock to their system. Example of tough to grow plants are Elephants Ear, Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree, Bird’s Nest Fern, Boston Fern, Moth Orcid.